Extra Power 2 Series (EP2) Max Mounting 16 ft



Mars Extra Power (EP2) Series Air Curtains:
Recommended Protection Heights:
  • Insect Control - Up to 14 feet
  • Environmental Separation - Up to 16 feet
  • 14" High X 15 3/8" Deep - Unheated
  • 14" High X 21 3/8" Deep - Steam/Hot Water, Indirect Gas Fired
  • Lengths from 96" to 144"
  • Available Unheated, Steam/Hot Water and Indirect Gas Fired 
  • 3 HP Single Speed Motor(s)
  • Titanium Silver Powder Coated Housing
  • Wall and Top Mounting
  • Made in USA 
Built for the widest possible number of uses, Mars EP2 Series (EP2) air curtains effectively keep dirt, dust and insects of you your food facilities. These compact, unobtrusive units are popular for meat packing and food processing plants, supermarkets and commissaries, breweries, restaurants, schools, hospitals and cold storage plants. They are highly effective over large cold storage doors where they reduce humidity and ice buildup and seal in cold air. The results in substantial energy savings by preventing excessive operation of your refrigeration system.
The self-contained one piece metal housing are corrosion proof and fire retardant.. They are very easy to install and designed for fastening to the wall on both ends without any intermediate support.