Phantom Recessed Series (PH12) Max Mounting 12 ft

Air-Curtains_Mars Air Doors_PH12 Phantom Series          

Mars Phantom (PH10) Series Air Curtains:
The Phantom Series Air Curtain from Mars is completely concealed inside the ceiling above. If you have the space and are looking to conceal the air curtain, then this is the best choice.

Recommended Protection Heights:
  • Insect Control - Up to 8 feet
  • Environmental Separation - Up to 10 feet
  • 15 1/2"High X 26" Deep - Unheated, Electric, Steam/Hot Water
  • Lengths from 36" to 144"
  • Available Unheated, Electric, Steam/Hot Water
  • 1 HP Single Speed Motor(s) 
  • Pearl White Powder Coated Bottom Access Panel
  • Includes washable polyester filer
  • Top Mounting
  • Made in USA 
Built for the widest possible number of uses, Mars Phantom Series (PH12) air curtains effectively keep dirt, dust and insects out of your facilities. They are excellent at energy savings creating a seal that keeps cold/warm from entering the building.  These recessed units are popular for supermarkets and commissaries, breweries, restaurants, schools, hospitals and anywhere you want to recess into your ceiling. The self-contained one piece metal housing are corrosion proof and fire retardant.. They are very easy to install and designed to hang above the drop ceilings.