Air Curtains for Doors - Smart Ways to Improve Winter Season Sales

Form recent and experiments conducted by the researchers, it has been observed that warmer temperatures cause people to shop more. This idea proves best for the retail operators and the ones running food service establishments. It is simple to implement, just by maintaining a pleasant temperature in the interior of the establishment, shoppers can be captivated to stay for a longer time, see more buy more.

The arrival of gusty winter and frigid temperatures threaten indoor comfort, which directly affects the sales. But now this tension can be lowered by maintaining a balmy temperature inside the establishments with the perfect use of Air Curtains for Doors provided by Air Door Distributors.

The winter season is full of events such as Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday shopping time, Christmas, New Years, Snowflakes, family trips and tours. And this is the time when people shop, eat and have fun with their near and dear ones. Hence, the idea of making your indoor cozy will help you magnetize more and more shoppers, visitors and foodies.

How to Warm your Establishment?

Generally, placed at the entrance of the establishment, Air Curtains for Doors function by directing invisible stream of ambient or hot air downwards and also helps in trapping the air inside a space. Air Curtains can be used as coolers or heaters with an air conditioner or a room heater. The technology helps in preserving the indoor air, preventing external air from coming in and also keeping out dust, dirt and pests. It can be used in-front of dock doors, receiving doors, entry doors, and pass-thru windows as well.

Where Can Air Curtains be Used?

  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Restaurants, Cafeterias
  • Fast Food Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens
  • Supermarkets
  • Office Entrances
  • Distribution Centers, Warehouses
  • Breweries, Bakeries, Food Processing Plants

The winter season, implement some cool aspects to your venture and save money and energy as well as do good to the environment. Avoid winter's onslaught with perfect buy of air curtains for your business.

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