Understanding the difference between Commercial Air Curtains and Air Doors

Environmental separation and temperature maintenance are becoming two different modes of comfort in different types of work ground starting from warehouses to distribution centers, food processing plant and restaurants as they aid increased sales and provide basic comfort. To service this purpose, advanced technology presents the concept of commercial air curtains and air doors. These are simple ideas but smart investments.

Are you confused between air doors and air curtains? Then, this blog will help in understanding the difference between the two. For convenience, below is an overview:

How air doors and air curtains are different in use?
Air Doors are products that are increasingly used in areas such as cold storage facilities, transportation halls, industry, retailers and wholesalers, freezer rooms and distribution centers. Air Curtains are generally seen in restaurants, shops and shopping centers that keep the warm inside the establishments during winter months and the warm air outside in the hot summer months.

What is the difference in their operation  mechanism?
Since the doors in shops and industries are opened and continuously, air curtains and air doors function as a temperature separator by controlling the passage of air flow. Primarily the curtains and doors meet the necessity of warmth.
Normally, the commercial air door comes onto action, when the door opens and a strong barrier is required for a short period. For an easy understanding, take the example of cold storage room, it opens only when transportation of things is done and for that short period an active air door will prevent the escape of cold air.

What is their difference in the market?
The air doors are called a quick closing doors where as the commercial air curtains are called the fly fans. The installation process of air curtains and air doors vary.
Air Doors are custom built as they are customer specific equipment, on the other hand, air curtains are fairly standard products installed easliy by the installers in their working area.

Eventually with all the details, now a person can without trouble identify what they need for their business.

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