Balancing Temperature in Restaurants by using Air Curtains

Installation of air curtains is often done in restaurants and industrial areas that require temperature management. These air curtains are less noisy when compared to other systems and effectively maintain room temperature even in the absence of a close door.

Air Doors and Air Curtains in restaurants are an efficient yet low-cost temperature maintenance solution. Whether winter guts or summer tides, the curtains come in handy are per your requirements and also prevent dust, dirt and pests from entering the restaurants or food processing areas. Moreover, these curtains can be specially customized on the needs of the client.

Advantages of Air Curtains of Restaurants:

  • Behave as an invisible air barrier that stops the gush of air flow from both sides and this process allows the door to be opened wide.
  • Installation of the product alongside or above the entrance in the correct manner is important as proper installation avoids leakage from both areas, resulting in energy and budget saving.
  • Other options of controlling and maintaining temperatures in a restaurant, eatery hub or food processing venture are also available, but air curtains simplify the movement of people and other things without any hindrance. 
  • It hinders foreign particles such as smoke, fog, fumes, dirt, dust and pests that can hamper the interior of the restaurant.

In recent times, to provide a healthy environment people have started spending much on these kind of set ups and when compared, Air Curtains for Restaurants are an excellent option at minimal expenses. They manage both hot and cold air in the confined areas. Before adding these to your establishment keep these following factors in mind:

  • Installation requires the width of the door and its height, measure from the floor to the diffuser.
  • Location is considered to measure the protection level against weather and surrounding.
  • Consider the number of doors and their directions.
  • Record the measure of the air pressure inside and outside the building.
  • Check whether the door is single swing, double swing or sliding automatic.
  • Keep in mind the style, business and decor of the establishment.
  • Electrical voltage and power is most important.

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