Air Doors and Air Curtains in Bakeries


During the course of history, air curtains were not given priority or importance by the manufacturers. When people became aware about these appliances, they became the most popular choice of the industries like, breweries, restaurants, fast food restaurants, shopping malls, and bakeries.  Air doors and curtains separate the temperature of two different environments to infuse with each other. It is now widely accepted not only in the minor industries but also in all major organizations.

Air Curtains for Bakeries:

The air curtains and doors play a key role in the bakeries. You will find a range of high quality and reasonable air curtains specially designed to prevent the entry of insects and flies through the air flow.  These curtains maintain a good hygienic condition by eliminating dust and reducing energy expenses to a greater extent. Some of the applications of air curtains and air doors are mentioned below;

 Controls temperature: To prevent the influx of outside air through the perforation in to heated or cooled air. In addition, it ensures special application such as control of oven temperature, humidity and dust or you can say control of the fresh air.

  1. Dust and humidity control: Air curtains should be installed on the clean side of the opening as they will prevent the entrance of the dust particles.
  2. Energy efficient: Insects are prone to sweets and other food items. So, food handlers use these perfect air doors and curtains for their bakeries. Similarly, these curtains help restrict the air pollutants from the production and storage area.
  3.  Insect control: Each and every bakery uses an insect controller. Installing an air curtain helps them keep insects and bugs outside.
  4.  Cold storage: Air doors or curtains keep the cool air inside and reduces the burden on the cold storage equipment.
  5. Greater hygiene and sanitation:  When their will be no insects and dust, the environment will be hygienic. So here comes the best usage of perfect air doors and curtains for bakeries.
  6. Complete prevention from all types of pollution: The doors and curtains are specially designed to obstruct all the pollutants that enter inside a room through the entryway.

Apart from their long life and efficiency, air curtains and doors have some amazing benefits that can be realized after the installation. Some of these include;

  • Faster and safer traffic flow
  • Increased employee comfort
  • Increased usable space near door areas
  • Increased safe indoor areas due to better visibility