Importance of Air Doors in Breweries

Convenience of Air Curtains and Air Doors for Breweries

Protecting your facility and managing your breweries’ workplace environment is highly important. It is also important to protect your customers and employees from a vast array of external contaminants. When you use an air curtain, you have an “always opened, always closed” solution along with a superb way to provide your premises with a clean, comfortable, and hygienic environment. These appliances create a concentrated air stream that flows from the chamber and covers the entire entryway.

Air curtains allow unobstructed traffic through the high traffic and high door openings of breweries. Their highly uniform air streams airstream decreases unwanted air infiltration and enables doorways to be left open. As a result, people, equipment and inventory can pass freely without allowing exterior impurities.

Significant of Air Curtain:

  • An invisible barrier is created with the help of air curtains that prevent the intrusion of dust particles and other airborne contamination. They ensure free flow traffic in facilities, as well as an unobstructed vision.
  • The curtains and doors curb the aromas, adjusting the temperature in the kitchen. Specialty units are available that surround large pieces of cooking equipment, making the kitchen surrounding more pleasant for the staffs.
  •  Food safety is a big concern. Operators use air doors and air curtains to minimize the liableness of foodborne illness by preventing the insects from entering in the dining area. While installing the air curtains, it is very important for the operators to take into consideration its location.
  • Air doors chase away houseflies and other pest, helping to eradicate potential exposure to diseases. This helps you to get hygiene food without affecting your health. In breweries, they help manufacture high quality beer and keep the brewing equipment in a good condition.


Some air curtains are often placed horizontally with the jet stream of air pointed towards the opening of the oven. They aim at preventing hot air entering the oven door.

Air curtains are now available in different models. Generally, they last longer and also have a low noise operating level. The curtains act great in the brewery industries, creating a warm and delightful environment for the staff.