Cold Storage with Air Curtains and Air Doors

When the door of a cool stockpiling range remains opened or, connected to a warm room, it allows a significant loss of refrigerated air. In some cases warm wind streams enter into the frosty room through the lower part. This results in energy loss, health dangers, and food quality deterioration. When appropriately estimated air curtains are 85% proficient in controlling the stream of air through cooler and cooler doors. In the event that the icy stockpiling door is open more than one hour for each day the Air Curtain is a practical approach to spare refrigeration costs.


Air curtains installed on the warm side of the door discharges an air stream that reaches the floor at an edge and parts into two separate air streams. By modifying the volume of the air and the point of the nozzle, one air stream are made to adjust against the other that attempts to leave the cooled room, while restricts the warm air attempting to enter the room. The right Air Curtain measuring and alterations must be made for every particular application so that a narrow, high speed, low volume stream of air is anticipated over the whole opening making an adequately solid layer of air. Air Curtain incorporates a completely movable mounting section, variable volume controls and independently customizable louvers in the nozzle.

Cold Storage Air Curtains can build the time between defrosting just about four times upon the specific cooler. Additionally, their capacity to keep up the cold room temperature straight up to the door enhances item quality and expands the valuable floor space. For cold storage, air doors/air curtains offer a protected, successful and reasonable arrangement that keeps adapted air set up and allows laborers to pass openly between normal work ranges and coolers. Air doors can save several dollars of energy expenses lost through open cooler doors and forklift movement.

Some Practical Benefits:

-No risk of damage

-Blocking flying insects and bugs

-A hygienic solution

-No speed loss (for forklifts and other logistic carriers)

-No loss of vision in the passage

-Retention of temperature in the right place.