Build a commerical kitchen with Air Doors

Air Curtains and Air Doors for Commercial Kitchens

Perfect air curtains have the following roles in a commercial kitchen:

  • Air Curtains control temperature in the kitchen, above dock entryways, walk in coolers, drive-up and windows.  They also prevent energy loss and temperature variation.
  • Separate two environments and keep flying Insects out of the food service facility. Business owners use the air doors for drive-thru windows and stacking docks.
  • Prevents the loss of warm and cooled air to preserve the interior temperature.
  • Work in conjunction with plastic strip entryways or swinging plastic entryways at the doorways of both walk in and reach - in coolers. These curtains keep food in the coolers at safe condition where the entryway of the kitchen is ardently opened.
  • Make an undetectable air seal created by divergent fans that pack air inside the unit and discharge it through a spout. The weight of air discharged from an air entryway is sufficiently effective to stop winds up to 25 mph.
  • Some of the restaurants allow smoking and they also have a smoking zone. In order to facilitate the smokers, restaurant owners use quality air curtains to separate the smoking and non-smoking area.

 Air Curtains Control Insect Entry into the Commercial Kitchen

Air Curtains repulse house flies and different contaminant, alleviating the potential existence of harmful diseases. A few states require- by law that, restaurants and food generation offices must introduce air curtains for their customers and employees.

How does an air curtain work?

Air door for a commercial kitchen includes a high velocity, 3/4 HP motor, and an aluminized steel cabinet. It is essential that the whole entryway should be secured so that there are no holes for the insects to enter. Insect control air curtains, in some cases called "Fly Fans," are utilized as a part of commercial kitchens where the controlling flying bugs are highly essential. The capable stream of air that is delivered by an air curtain is a fabulous obstruction to insects and polluted air stream just because of its unnatural high speed. The best air curtain outline for insect control has a spout that can point the air stream far from the range to be secured.