Application of Air Curtains and Air Doors in Fast Food Restaurants

When there is a need to control the interior temperature of a fast food restaurant, air curtains are the right option. They can be installed in the drive-thru windows to obstruct the undetectable voids and out-of-doors contaminants. Air doors will restrict the loss of cool air during the summer and warm air during the winter. These curtains have numerous advantages, like

  • Restricting fumes, smoke and external toxin
  • Obstruction to awful odor, insects and undesirable bugs
  • Maintaining the restaurant’s temperature
  • Saving warming/cooling costs

Advantage over Air Coolers

Air curtains have the energy saving capability that makes them the first choice of fast food restaurants. It’s like a payback option for the restaurant owners due to their energy saving properties and commercial profitability. Currently, they are used as an alternative to the traditional air coolers. Today, a few air curtain suppliers make retrofitting, simple pack that incorporates an air curtain planned particularly for the exceptional size and management of walk in doors.

Benefits for Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants and other restaurant businesses use a special type of air curtain that is called as drive-through window air curtains. They can minimize both flying insects and open air invasion. Similarly, they prevent the microorganisms from entering a restaurant building and help maintain a high standard of hygiene.

Other benefits:

  • Supplemental heating
  • Eliminates the need of airlocks
  • Positive pressure in tidy room environments
  • Filtration of dust, dirt and odors

Air doors and safety:

The use of air doors provides additional safety for the fast food and other restaurants. The doors provide increased visibility and fend off collisions due to the absence of physical obstruction. In case of fire or emergencies, it is easy to evacuate through the exit doorway and the door acts as a barrier to the fire smoke. In cold rooms, they prevent ice forming on floors and reduce misting.

However, it’s important to choose the right curtain that fits your need and budget. Before buying a unit, you should compare the characteristics and the air volume.