Food Processing Plants adopting Air Doors

Air Curtains - Air Doors for Food Processing Plants

Cleanliness is an important aspect of the management of a food processing plant. The better your doors are, the better they give protection from insects. With the help of an air curtain, you will be able to eliminate 80% of bug and vermin infestation, even during the entrance of people through the gates. Another important factor is temperature control. It is important for your food processing plant is to maintain the interior temperature both during winter and summer to keep your food items safe and edible for a long period of time. Furthermore, installing an air curtain will actually save you a lot of money in the long run.

Air Discharge Directions:

The doorway and gates of a food processing plant can’t remain close all the time because the workers will move here & there and food product will be transported through forklift or other vehicles. If you are installing a curtain to get rid of this issue, you have to consider the power of discharge air streams. Generally, air curtains discharge air in three possible directions:

-Top to bottom

-Side to side

-Bottom to top

The effectiveness of any air curtain installation design depends on the speed and volume of the discharged air. The most prevalent of these three designs is the horizontal installation that disseminates air from the top of the entrance and directs it to the floor of the building. A side to side airflow can be achieved by installing air curtains on one or both sides of the entrances. In terms of thermodynamics, air curtains that release air from bottom to top are the most effective.

How air curtains and air doors work?

Air curtains and doors are designed to prevent the entrance of outside heated air and reduce the loss of hot/cold air in a specific area. The discharged air stream directly restricts the path of the air coming from the outside. The continuous flow of air creates an invisible wall for the unwanted pollutants, smoke, smell and bugs. This appliance is also used in factories, warehouses, and industrial temperature control.

Purchasing an air curtain:

Purchasing an air curtain or air door is really easy due to their availability and price. You can find many cold room air doors manufacturers widely present in the market offering you best doors in affordable prices. You can also buy them from our website with free shipping.