Try Air Curtains and Air Doors for Restaurants

The owner of a restaurant will have to do everything that he can to bring about a quintessential eating environment. Most of the successful restaurants understand the value of a Perfect air curtain that creates an open and airy environment for the customers. It’s all about creating a clean back-of-the-house semblance without sacrificing the floor space. Air curtains help to conserve energy by slashing the amount of air loss that ensues when people open a door.

Additionally, they will impede the wintry breeze from entering the dining room and halt heated air from taking off. During summer, they’ll avert nippy air from being wasted as it departs the restrain of an establishment. They perfectly isolate indoor and outdoor spaces supporting to save energy. They also reduce food spoilage, related expenses and potential risks of contaminated air.

Customer satisfaction and retention:

Quick service restaurants will have maximum benefit out of an air door, because it carries the capacity to keep the temperature, fume exhaust, and bugs out – creating a delicate atmosphere and bringing a superior customer experience. The aura will be welcoming and agreeable for the visitors and guests.

People love to visit a restaurant where, they have access to high quality food, drinking water and a clean atmosphere. A perfect Air Curtain assists with creating an ideal and irritation free environment for the consumers, while improving employee comfort and satisfaction. However, the most important role of an air door is to prevent the infiltration of flying insects and junk during high traffic and food service applications. So, the service managers need to choose high quality and specific curtains designed for entrances in restaurants, retail stores and supermarkets.

Lineaments and versatility:

  • Regulates the temperature of the kitchen, above dock doors, drive-up windows, walk-in coolers and any opening exposed to temperature variation.
  • Limits the seepage of hot or cool air.
  • The pressure of the invisible air seal is powerful enough to stop winds up to 25 miles per hour.
  • They can be used to create separate smoking zones in a restaurant.
  • Special attention should be given to their installation in relation to staff and noise output, because they can affect customers’ dining experiences.