Save More with Commerical Air Curtains


Today, most of the commercial, residential and industrial houses use air doors and curtains for many reasons. This piece of appliance has also numerous benefits for the warehouses that really care for their facilities, and customers. Perfect air curtains and doors ensure an ideally conditioned temperature inside the building of a warehouse. Apart from the temperature control property, they can preserve the interior freshness that brings comfort for the working employees and reduces monthly electricity consumption of the warehouse.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of air curtains installed in warehouses.

  • Pollution control: Air curtains create a healthy environment in storehouses that hold medicines, food and other consumable goods. They restrict the entry of dust particles, fumes, smokes, insects and other pollutants that affect the quality of product and the health condition of the workers.
  • Hindrance of outside air:  The air door installed in a warehouse creates an invisible air wall that serving as a barrier to the outside air and contaminants.
  •  Increased comfort of customers and employees:  Creates a well maintained (cooled/heated) atmosphere inside the building for the employees and visiting customers.
  • Saving energy: Air doors are now highly demanded by the warehouse owners and other commercial houses due to their energy saving property. These doors create a thermal barrier that reduces the intrusion of the outdoor impurities and insects.
  •  Reduction of hot or cold air loss:  Due to the flow of the powerful air stream, air curtains ensure the blockage of hot or cold air leakage from a room. This works best in places that need industrial temperature control.

 A door curtain is considered as a protector of interior air that may be either cold or hot. When a place is heated or cooled, both the inside and outside air is restricted with the help of a curtain, so that the conditioned air inside the place remains flawless and intact. In case of a warehouse, they maintain a comfortable temperature and reduce the overall energy cost.