AHD10-1048EY (48" | 14kW | 240/3/60)

by Berner
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Berner Air Curtain, AHD10-1048EX, 48", Architectural High Performance 10 Series, 1 Motor, 1/2 HP, 14kW, Electric Heated, 240v, 3PH, 60Hz, Anodized Aluminum,

Architectural High Performance 10 (AHD10) Series

Our most popular for customer entry doors for a modern store front to blend with glass facades. The AHD10 is designed for insect control up to 8 feet and temperature/environmental separation up to 10 feet. The AHD10 is equipped with the programmable intelliswitch - 10 fan speeds, start/stop, time delay and internal thermostat for heated units. Its profile is 12  ½â ‚¬ � high X 21 1/4" deep and available lengths from 36" to 120". Available in Ambient, Electric, Steam or Hot Water. Anodized Aluminum Exterior (optional: custom color or stainless steel). Great for Restaurants & Food Service, Customer Entry.

Product Resources:

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Architectural High Performance 10 Series Instructions Operations Manual (IOM)

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