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Using Air Curtains for Convenience Stores

Using Air Curtains for Convenience Stores

Few retail locations see as much foot traffic as the average convenience store. Whether standalone or attached to a gas station, convenience stores play a vital role in many communities as an easy stop for all kinds of basic necessities and more. With so many patrons coming in and out every day, however, business owners may find that they have unexpected troubles to contend with daily.

From the swinging doors allowing flies or mosquitoes to enter the premises to the impact on the interior temperature, booming business often means additional challenges for convenience stores. Are these concerns simply part and parcel of running a business such as this? Maybe — but that does not mean you can't find a way to address them effectively. Consider this: the simple act of installing an air curtain over the main doors into a convenience store could have a massive impact on comfort, energy, and more.

The Key Benefits Convenience Stores Can Enjoy from Air Curtains

How could the addition of a single piece of hardware have such a wide-ranging effect? Ultimately, it comes down to the unique way an air curtain operates. By using a powerful yet quiet motor to create a specially pressurized stream of air that completely covers an open doorway, you can effectively create an atmospheric division between the indoors and the outside. Doing so yields the following benefits that can improve what a convenience store offers to patrons:

Improved customer comfort, especially during weather extremes.

Consider the interior of the store during the summer months. With air conditioning running, it may be a pleasant temperature in the store. However, as patrons come in one after another, that cold air is continually rushing out the door while hot air makes its way inside. After just an hour or two of this process, the humidity inside the store may noticeably rise — as does the temperature. The AC continues to work hard, but it can't keep up and may never be able to achieve the temperature set on its thermostat. Customers standing in line become uncomfortable, and staff may grow tired of the constant influx of hot air. In the winter, this scenario can play out similarly.

Air curtains stop this free movement of air between the interior and exterior of the property. The air stream, gentle to the people who walk through it, is nonetheless more than powerful enough to stop your treated air from escaping the building. The result is a building where achieving a stable temperature is more manageable, and patrons and staff alike can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere.

Reduced infiltration of exterior fumes and small flying insects.

For the many convenience stores attached to gas stations, indoor air quality can sometimes be a concern. Fumes from the gas pumps and idling vehicles in the parking spaces outside the front door can create unpleasant odors that make their way inside. Not only do these fumes pose a potential health hazard but smelling them all day long isn't going to make any of the building's occupants happy, either. The same power that allows an air curtain to stop cold air from rushing out the door also helps to reduce odor infiltration from outdoors.

Likewise, small flying insects struggle to pass the barrier created by air curtains. Creating a hygienic environment is important even in convenience stores, where there is often food in various forms on offer. An owner might also choose to install air curtains over back doors and those leading to trash disposal areas. Reducing the number of flying insects that make their way into the business contributes to a healthier workplace and avoids exposing customers to unsavory sights.

More efficient usage of energy for heating and cooling.

Remember how we were just discussing how air curtains help keep your business at a more stable temperature? That matters for the air conditioner, too. With the typical margins used in a convenience store, major unexpected expenses such as an AC replacement are not easily factored into a budget. When your unit works less to cool the store, it will last longer, and you will pay far less in terms of maintenance fees. More normal AC cycles also translate to lower energy usage.

An Easy Solution to Add to Most Convenience Stores

Combine these three benefits and recognize that it all comes in one package, and it's easy to see why air curtains can be a worthwhile addition to convenience stores of all sizes. Leading manufacturers such as Mars Air and Berner supply a wide range of curtains suitable for doorways of varying widths, making it easy to select a unit that aligns with your building's profile and delivers the performance necessary to unlock these benefits.

At Air Door Distributors, we are uniquely positioned to engage with your business to find the right path forward for using this innovative equipment in your business. Years of experience allow us to assess your needs, evaluate suitable air curtains, and make appropriate suggestions for your next steps. Learn more about bringing this technology to your business today; contact us now.