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Refrigeration & Cold Storage

Cold storage is expensive. Temperature requirements for every stage of the cold chain are critical to keep food safety issues at bay and products safe.

The mere act of receiving product can raise the temperature of the cold box significantly and tax the cooling system. Your utility bill rises, your condenser and evaporator work harder and condensation, pooling water, and slippery floors show up as uninvited “guests”. Humidity levels can add additional complexity. So, what is an air curtain in cold storage? It is a machine that can help:

  • Provide an invisible shield that eliminates the need for dirty, visibility-reducing plastic strips
  • Establish a sanitary shield of protection that doesn’t reduce visibility or inhibit staff movement
  • Reduce energy spend by stabilizing cold box storage conditions
  • Protect goods from damage resulting from temperature fluctuations
  • Separate cold storage spaces with differing temperature needs
  • Reduce burdens on HVACR equipment