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Quiet Pro Series (QP10)

The Quiet Pro QP10 Series by Mars Air Doors is the quietest air curtain ever made and available at Air Door Distributors. The Quiet Pro QP10 Series is rated at 53 dBA for a 36” unit. The Quiet Pro QP10 Series is rated for insect control up to 8 feet high and environmental control up to 10 feet high. The Quiet Pro QP10 Series is only 12” in height X 20” deep and in lengths from 36” to 144”. The Quiet Pro QP10 Series units 36” to 48” feature a 1-motor ½ HP design, units 72" to 96" feature a 2-motor ½ HP design and units 108" - 144" have 3 motor ½ HP design.  Available in Ambient only configurations. The modern and sleek design will fit beautifully into any application. Its durable light weight design is finished in an anodized aluminum clear finish to withstand years of worry free operation. 

The Quiet Pro QP10 Series is great for Restaurants & Food Service, Retail & Office, Convenience & Grocery, Healthcare & Hospitals, Pest Control and Transportation & Terminals, and Residential.

quiet pro spec sheet

Quiet Pro QP10 Series NOTES:

  1. This product is designed to meet the National Electric Code (NEC), ETL Listed (UL 507 and CSA 22.2)
  2. (2) mounting brackets each with (3) ¼” mounting holes provided for wall mounting. For overhead mounting, rotate each mounting bracket 90 degrees.
  3. All units have a self contained cabinet, heavy gauge anodized aluminum metal design. Cabinet has sufficient strength for fastening to wall on both ends without intermediate support. (Tandem mounted units longer than 48” require center support)
  4. Internal J-Box(es) for electrical wiring: one motor-(1) 2” X 4”; two motors-(1) 4” X 4”; three motors-(2) 4” X 4”. 
  5. Unit is to be installed such that air flow is unobstructed. Air discharge nozzle containing adjustable air directional vanes with 40 degree sweep front to back. 
  6. Circuit protection per NEC by others. 
  7. Optional motor control panel, door limit switch and mounting brackets are field installed and/or wired by others. The door limit switch is to be mounted such that the air curtain turns on as door begins to open. To prevent unit damage, the mounting brackets must be installed such that the bottom of the air curtain is not below the door header.

Quiet Pro Features:

Air Curtain

  • 1/2 HP Continuous Duty TEAO Motors
  • Sleek self-contained one piece heavy gauge metal design
  • ETL Certified to confirm to UL 507 (US) and CSA 22.2 (Canada) Standards (Indoor/Outdoor Use) 
  • (2) mounting brackets each with (3) ¼” mounting holes provided for wall mounting 
  • Units shipped fully assembled for wall and overhead mounting. Models 72”-144” require intermediate support. 
  • Adjustable air directional vanes with 40 degree sweep front to back 
  • Standard color is Anodized Aluminum 
  • 5 year parts warranty 
  • Freight Included (FOB Continental USA)
  • Proudly made in USA

Quiet Pro Air Curtain Options and Accessories: (see Accessory Submittals for more options) 

  • MCP-+U*, Motor control panel, 120v controls (+ - # motors, * - Voltage Code)
  • MCP-24, Low voltage control option (control panel required)
  • MCP-TD, Adjustable time delay option 
  • SK-UU, SimpleLink controller kit, unheated, 1 phase, 1 HP max
  • B0046-TS, Tandem mounting bracket, with intermediate support, 84”-96” wide 
  • B0047-TS, Tandem mounting bracket, with intermediate support, 108”-144” wide
  • RMT-VSA, Remote mounted variable spd cntrl, 115v/1 phase, 15A max, 1 HP max
  • RMT-VSD, Remote mounted variable spd contro, 208/230v/1 phase, 15a max, 1 HP max
  • HG-304SS-QP10, Stainless steel finish (304SS)

Quiet Pro Air Curtain Sound Levels: (measured at 10’ in an open field)

1 Motor Unit = 53 dBA, 2 Motor Unit = 55 dBA, 3 Motor Unit = 57 dBA & 4 Motor Unit = 59 dBA