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Transportation & Terminals

Transportation hubs by their nature are full of vehicle exhaust, fumes, and fossil fuel emissions – a wafting mixture of smelly, toxic annoyances.

And large square footage transport hubs require costly amounts of climate-stabilizing energy for both heating and cooling. What is an air curtain in a supporting role to help your HVAC systems? HVAC systems are said to be responsible for up to 50% of the facility’s energy spend and host to large levels of odorous ultrafine particles, unrelenting emissions from a multitude of vehicles, and a 24/7 stream of travelers entering and exiting large entryways. Smart facility managers call on Mars for superior sanitation and energy-saving support:

  • Reduce energy spent with Mars's invisible barrier of protective air for any size opening
  • Create intra-facility separations using Mars's invisible shield of air
  • Discover the advantage of using a universal solution, effective in both industrial areas as well as customer-facing facilities