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Entertainment & Events

An entertainment venue holds thousands, including a multitude of foodservice prep and vending stations, and forces owners & operators to create comfortable conditions that align with the quality of the entertainment and price of admission. What is an air curtain doing to support and remedy the challenges and obstacles?

The Mars units – industrial and foodservice - are built to tackle the very challenges posed by in cavernous spaces:

  • Control expensive climatized air and energy spend by protecting the many expansive entryways, no matter how long they stay open
  • Prevent flying pests, dust, debris, and even wind from taking advantage of wide openings
  • Keep cold storage temperatures consistent and food-safe in the many walk-ins and freezer units
  • Keep workers and guests comfortable and conditions sanitary in foodservice prep and dining areas


Sustainable Entertainment Venues

Entertainment venues are by design expansive and built to accommodate large crowds. Because of their massive building footprint, the heating and cooling systems require thoughtful design to manage the monthly utility costs. And sacrificing comfort for paying guests to reduce the energy spend is never an option.

Air curtains reduce the operation of the HVAC system by protecting all openings from infiltration of exterior air that is untreated and carries dust, debris, flying pests and pollutants. In facilities that are large, this can result in significant savings.

Air curtains also help manage and improve indoor air quality in entertainment venues when moisture issues can lead to mold and microbial growth known to cause respiratory issues and are suspected of contributing to some forms of cancer and heart disease.