PH1248-1EIH-PW (48" | 12kW | 575/3/60)

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Mars Air Curtain, PH1248-1EIH-PW, 48", Phantom 12 Series, 1 Motor, 1 HP, Electric Heated, 575v, 3ø, 60Hz, 12kW, Pearl White

This product is also available in the following colors.
Color: Obsidian Black, Titanium Silver
Phantom Series (PH12) - Heated

Phantom Series (PH12) The excellent choice for architects and designers wanting to completely conceal the product in a ceiling without sacrificing the amazing benefits of a traditional air curtain. The PH12 Series is designed for insect control up to 10 feet and temperature/environmental separation up to 12 feet. The PH12 Series is only 15 1/2" High X 26" Deep with widths from 36" to 144". Available in Ambient, Electric, Steam and Hot Water configurations. PH12 Series standard color is a powder coated white metal bottom access panel that would be exposed to the ceiling. Available in White, Silver, Black or 304 Stainless Steel. Great for Restaurants & Food Service, Retail & Office, Convenience & Grocery, Healthcare & Hospitals, Pest Control, Transportation & Terminals or any other facility needed to conceal the unit.

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