STD236-1UD-OB-UVP (36" | Unheated | 208-230/1/60)

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Mars Accessory, STD236-1UD-OB-UVP, 36", Standard 2 Ultra Violet Air Curtain, Unheated, 208-240v, 1ø, 60Hz, Obsidian Black

This product is also available in the following colors.
Color: Pearl White, Titanium Silver

STD2 36" Ultra Violet Air Curtain

The STD2 Ultra Violet Air Curtain is specifically designed with the patented Sanuvox  UVC/UVV light that disinfects the air stream preventing and destroying bacteria, mold and virus. Eliminate kitchen, bathroom, garbage and lingering odors. UVC Germicidal destroys biological contaminants with 99.99% of airborne bio-contaminants in multiple passes. Reduce and/or eradicate TB, Listeria, Samonella, MRSA and Serratia Marcescens, as well as SARS-COV and COVID-19 through continual air exposures. The STD2 UV Air Curtain is only 10 11/16" high X 20 15-16" deep with widths from 36" - 72". Available for ambient units ONLY. Units will include: Variable speed control with disinfection setting, 24v control with 99-018 magnetic reed and cord/plug. Standard color is a power coated black metal but available in white, silver or 304 Stainless Steel. Great for Customer Entry, Walk-In Coolers, Concessions & Drive Up Windows, Restaurants & FoodService, Retail & Office, Convenience & Grocery, Produce Farms and Cannabis Cultivators, and Residential.

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